Agenda Interiors provides massive leg up

Yesterday Kent McFadyen and I meet with Daria Bunting and Neville Grigg from Agenda Interiors.  We went through the renovation, talking about all the office needs for furniture and work flow.  Neville provided valuable feedback.  Ideas were brimming all around.  You could tell that he is an expert in his field.

He understood our timelines and took action, setting up a meeting at his warehouse that very day at 4pm.  Denise Hamalainen was able to come and together they worked out a plan that saw huge strides in all areas of office preparedness–chairs, desks, tables, design, workflow, etc..  I love it when talented people get things done together.

Thanks to Daria, Neville, and Denise.  It is because of people like them that this project is moving forward.  This is what community is all about!

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