It’s Monstrous Makeover Month of May…Let’s go!

It’s April 30th.  April 30th at 11:15pm.  In 45 minutes it’s going to be May.  MAY!  In 23 days the makeover starts.  I’m super pumped.  I’m also a nervous and worried.  There are still soooo many things to do.  (You have no idea.)

I’ve learned, however, that it’s best to focus on what’s already been accomplished–rather than what has not yet been done.  One POV looks at what missing, what I’m worried about, the other POV looks at what we’ve got, what I’m grateful for.  Which one do you think makes me feel better, more like taking action?  Yeah.

So when I take a break I tell myself about what we’ve already done, about how far we’ve come in so short a time.  That greases the wheels, fills up the tank, and gets me ready to roll.  May will be a monstrous makeover month.  It’s going to be insane.  Let’s go!

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