Semi Trailer Baby, yeah!

One of the things that you’ve got to arrange when putting together an extreme makeover is.. where to put all of the stuff?  You know, all of the stuff that is currently in the Mustard Seed?  It’s all got to be removed.  You can’t do electrical or plumbing or painting or flooring with stuff in the way.  But the question is, “Where to store it?”

Well, thanks to Ian Baker at Premier Van Lines, we’ll have a trailer big enough to store all of the Mustard Seed belongings in one fell swoop.  Then we’ll move it about 50 meters.  Simple. Easy.  Nice!

When I talked to Ian this afternoon (Neville Greg from Agenda Interiors introduced us) he was onboard immediately.  I think he actually apologized for not getting back to me quickly enough.  Heck I was just so grateful for him helping out with this component I’d have stood on my head and spit quarters.

Thank you so much Ian!  Thank you so much Premier Van Lines!

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