Designer on Fire; Pass the Gasoline!

One the crucial elements to putting on an extreme makeover is the ability to inspire other people and companies to get involved.  It’s not just about one or two big companies doing the whole job; it’s about a community effort, about a whole range of constituents coming together.
Well, Denise Hamalainen, being a inspirational and powerhouse of a lady, has been on fire, inspiring people like crazy.  This week many things came together.  She inspired Illuminations Lighting to come on board by providing some of the best lighting available for the Chapel and Reception area.  She inspired Kitchen and Bath Classics (a Wolseley Company) to donate American Standard bathroom fixtures for all the bathroom.  She inspired Builder’s Choice to chime in with glass partitions for the Food Bank Client Services.  And she inspired Colonial Countertops committed to doing what else–counter tops!  This is huge, people.  Without Denise this makeover would be greatly diminished.

How do your respond to someone like that who makes such a difference?  Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.

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