A new generation of builder

A last minute addition to the makeover is a construction project that will enclose the ugliest garbage bins around that normally are right in front of the food bank.

Luckily, Glenn Hamilton, principle of GH Construction, who came to the makeover via Habitat for Humanity, has stepped up to build this. It will beautify what’s been an eyesore for years.

And of course we can’t forget to give a hearty pat on the back to Kent McFadyen, who spit-balled a great design. (That guy is a genius!)

Thank you Glenn for joining the team! You rock!

Who much does this guy rock? He heard about the project, and one phone call later he was on board. I’ve only met him in person once, but my read is that he epitomizes a new generation of builders and business people who see themselves as part of the community and are looking to work together to strengthen our our societal health.

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