No posts is a good thing…

Yup. If I’m not posting it means that I’m waaaay too busy and simply don’t have the time.  Or rather I’ve got higher priority things to do.

Case in point is the Volunteer Portal. It took days of hard work to get it up and running. First all of the shifts had to be coordinated within all of the teams. Then they had to be sequenced and timed. Then they had to be put into a spread sheet, sent out to the teams, double checked, and finally emailed out to Akimi Labs who populated the portal. Of course, there were a few omissions that had to be corrected as well as a couple of bugs that had to be fixed. And finally–finally–the system went live this morning.


To get involved go to the home page ( and click the Volunteer Portal. It will be memory that you’ll cherish for years.

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