The Importance of Local Business

As you can imagine I spend a lot of time talking to different people, groups, and businesses in the community.  So I think I’ve got a unique vantage point.  From where I sit local business people are head and shoulders above large international companies.

The local guy looks you in the eye and says “yes” or “no.”  Usually yes, if the cause is worthy and you’ve got your stuff together.  Not all, but many big multi-nationals are hard to reach, distant, and not so apt to help a little cause like an extreme makeover.  It’s the local guy who lives here.  It’s the local woman who’s kid goes to your school.  It’s the local entrepreneurs who are the real capital of our community.  They are the movers and shakers.  The ones providing jobs and passion and gusto.

To me I want to support these people.

This is why I was honoured that the Shop Local Victoria group of businesses called me, wanting to take part in the Convoy of Awesome.  Let me say that again… They called me.  (That doesn’t happen very often.)

June 3 – 9 is Shop Local Week.  I say, take that week and make it all year.  “Think Local First.”


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