This ain’t Hollywood; it’s real life.

This is a community-based extreme makeover.  It’s done by people you know, by neighbors and the business right down the road.  It’s done by people with other jobs, with families, and lives to live.

The Mustard Seed closes for a week, which is why we have to have the reno done in a week.  But to make it easy on all the people helping to make it happen, we’re getting as many things ready in advance as we can.  For example Dave Meade, from Klad Custom Building, started on the Mustard Seed’s new cross today.

He texted me this pic today.  Seeing it made my heart light and giddy.  It’s happening!  I can barely believe it.

(I can’t get a smile off my face.)

Dave peep’s also cut the panels for the artist mural.  It still needs to be primed and delivered to the artist Monday Magazine voted the Number One Artist of the Year, Kristin Urbanheart.  (I’m totally looking forward to her creation!)

Dave says he’s “getting pretty excited.”  Me too, Dave.  And so is everyone else 🙂


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