Peninsula Coop builds community (no surprise)

Till yesterday we were running seriously short of funds.  We were doubting we could get it all done. We were going to have to let some reno go…some big things weren’t going to get done.

But then the Peninsula Coop heard about what we’re doing.  They looked at our website.  They talked to a few people.  The president even took time to watch my 10 minute walk through of the reno. And then, guess what? They committed to give us $6K .  (This happened yesterday, my birthday–nice present!)

To some this may not be a lot of money, but to me, it’s huge leverage.  It’s going to help me quickly and effectively fill in some gaping wholes in the makeover.  Are we there yet?  Nope.  We’ve got nearly $1K to break even on this event.  But I believe we’ll get there.

So, thank you to the Peninsula Coop.  They have been building community for decades.  It’s part of their mandate.  After all they are owned by their customers.

In this picture is Penny Sopel, Community Relations Manager, Paul Latour, and President, Dave Hoy. Great people. Great philosophy.  Great practice.

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