It Ain’t Easy, But It’s Totally Cool

I started with breakfast and meditation, follow up by emails and phone calls to sponsors (and, most importantly, prospective sponsors).

Then off to the Mustard Seed for a two hour meeting with the Onsite Leaders. They are the one in charge of all the things outside of the reno: food service, safety, volunteer sign in, security, entertainment, etc..

Next was a bunch of five minute sessions with 5 different people, solving problems and keeping things on track.

Then another 1/2 dozen phone calls while driving my sweetheart home.

After that were more phone calls while driving back to the Mustard Seed for a 2 hour meet with bunch of talented photographers who will be doing multiple photo shoots during the makeover.

Then three more mini meetings, emails on the run, messages, more phone calls while en route for Thai noodle take out.

Finishing with 90 minute meeting with the Volunteer Sign-In team, a media brief (so that I’m ready to contact media in the morning), a whack more emails, and then, finally, a couple of social media posts (timed out to be released over the next 20 hours). Now bed.

Such is the life of an extreme makeover leader 10 days out. If you asked Kent McFayden or Denise Hamalainen, they’d probably say they had the same kind of day.

It ain’t easy, but it’s totally cool!

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