Strangely at Ease

Strangely, I feel at ease.

I feel probably more at ease now than in months.  I know there are some serious holes to fill.  We’ve got to get first aid level 2 attendants, as well as lumber and supplies for the outside garbage enclosure, plus a bunch of small things (like 5 upholstery companies, some computers, floor installers, and several pieces of furniture).

But nevertheless, I feel calm.  You know why?

Because it’s going to happen.  Nothing can stop it now.  Nothing.

That feels nice.  Phew!  I knew we could do it.  I knew it!  But there is nothing like the hard physical fact of it happening.

Will every little thing come off without a hitch?  Probably not.

Yet there is one thing I know…it’s going to be HUGE.  The Mustard Seed will be transformed.  We will be an example of compassionate, cooperative, and courageous people in action.

And that…(sigh)  And that…makes me feel at ease.

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