The Power of an Introvert…

You may be surprised, but I am an introvert. I love spending time by myself. Left to my own devices, I’d rather be the guy at the back of the room, the guy who is quite, unassuming. Which is why it surprises me that I’m doing what I’m doing.

But when I look at it, it is from my introverted nature that I have created the strategies and systems that enable community-based radical renovations. From my introverted nature comes my sensitivity and my compassion. I feel everything. I feel the pain of people. I easily put myself in other’s shoes. I have a deep need to connect. This sensitivity makes me want to make a difference.

When you see me jumping up on stage or being crazy on TV that isn’t my natural state. I’ve practiced for 2 years to be able to do that. I’ve strengthened my fortitude and open myself up to be vulnerable…vulnerably out there for the greater good of community.

So when you think, “I can’t do that.” “That’s well beyond me.” Consider that everything must grow. The tree was once a seed and a sapling. One step at a time we move forward in the direction of our dreams. Keep stepping. Keep being courageous. It’s the most important thing.

Let me say that again. COURAGE is more important than skill, or money, or connections. COURAGE can take a shy man with a dream and turn it into a 1/2 million dollar project and a TV show.

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