[Here is an article by the Mustard Seed executive director, Chris Riddell, talking about his reaction to the extreme makeover…]

Gobsmacked! It’s an expression you don’t hear or see in print that often but it is the exact one I could find to describe our reaction to the recent Hero Work renovation of the Mustard Seed – gobsmacked, from the English/Scottish dialect, means utterly astonished or astounded. When I watched the video documentary or the great reveal of the renovation the look on our faces and the expressions on our lips were ones of utter astonishment. Our words could not adequately express what our eyes were experiencing. But it was more than just the renovation that was astounding; it was the community outpouring into the life of the Mustard Seed. Scores of businesses and hundreds of volunteers put their lives on hold for that miraculous week to bring transformation to our aging, tired building. Again words fail me but deep, deep gratitude is what we all feel for what the community has done.

This time of year when families are planning vacations and trips to the beach as the summer sun kisses our lives, many families struggle to simply put food on the table. School’s out, a time for summer fun but for many of the Mustard Seed family hardships increase and need escalates, in fact in June, the need increased by 20%.

We are truly privileged to be available to provide whatever we have to ease the challenges faced by so many because we know that, as the community demonstrated through Hero Work, you are beside us, supporting us and encouraging us in this important work. Because of that we are gobsmacked!
Thank you for your continued support.

Reverend Chris Riddell 
Executive Director

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