The Next Phase for HeroWork?

The next major task for HeroWork is to create sustainability for the program.  This means creating revenue.  So far I have spearheaded three pro bono community-based extreme renovations with a total value of over $650,000.  Now that the program has proven results it’s time to develop a revenue generating model.  The key here is to obtain the resources to keep this program going so as to make the biggest difference and inspire the most amount of people possible.

To this end we are exploring several avenues:

TV Series

We are developing, and by the end of Sept will be pitching for, a national TV series and/or a documentary film production that will see the program spread across the country, inspiring communities and people from all over.  This model will be the priority objective this fall. All other tasks will play second fiddle to this one.


We are also developing models that would see HeroWork charge a percentage fee for organizing much needed extreme renovations for worthy non-profits.  This fee would not financially diminish the recipient organization because we would do a concurrent fundraising campaign that would more than cover the fee, while at the same time increase the visibility of the non-profit.  The good thing about this model is that we have more control and would not be reliant on monolithic networks to jump on board.  Plus, it would create exceptional value for recipient non-profits, far and above anything that is currently in the marketplace.

Donor Promotion

As an additional source of revenue we are developing a fee-for-service custom video production to promote the brands of selected sponsors.

Royal Roads University

With the help of Neville Grigg (from Agenda Interiors), we have partnered with the business/commerce program at Royal Roads, who in Sept will be investigating, researching, and developing various business model options for HeroWork that will help illuminate additional ways forward.

Next Projects

Once a revenue generating model has been established HeroWork will start accepting applications for new projects.  It would be great if we could just march forward and take on more renovations, but without sustainability the program will fail. HeroWork has been 5 years in development; the program is now ready for the next level!

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