Royal Roads Students Helping with HeroWork

Thirty business/commerce students from Royal Roads University are doing their final project on HeroWork, looking into the possible business models, pitfalls, and opportunities.

This partnership is thanks to Neville Grigg, president of Agenda Office Interiors, who offered to team me up with Lane Sherman, the professor of the class.  Neville helped develop the business case for the students and sat in on the initial meetings.

Neville Grigg

Three weeks ago I was interviewed on camera by Lane, asking about the ins and outs of HeroWork.  The interview was subsequently edited and given to five teams of students this past Monday (along with a lot of support material, such as HeroWork videos).  On Tuesday night I did an online Q&A with the students so they could fill in their gaps of knowledge.  Then they got to work, each group researching and brainstorming about the possible future of HeroWork.

This coming Monday evening I get to watch all of their presentations.  Neville Grigg will be with me, which a great plus because he’s very business savvy and will no doubt offer great insights.

Royal Roads University

What will the students come up with?

I don’t know.  But this much is true: I’ll learn a ton!  And learning leads to good decision making.  Very soon I’ll be committing to the next major steps for HeroWork and then getting down to the work of making the magic happen again.

Please join me in thanking Neville, Lane, and all of the students participating in the class.  I’m looking forward to the results!

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