Navigating the Way Forward

The last couple of weeks have been a real journey as I’ve tried to navigate the complicated waters of trying to make a living out of HeroWork. The complications arise from the fact that there appears to be no clear and direct way forward.

Lots of options, each with pluses and minuses.

First, no matter what, I’ll be shifting the focus of the program away from solely focusing on extreme renovations for non-profits. The steps and strategies I’ve developed will do equally successful with other kinds of “extreme community events.” For example, the Convoy of Awesome, which was a HUGE success, used the exact same methodology. This adjustment broadens my marketplace and opens up many other options.

Nevertheless, I must decide on the business model, which then allows me to generate a viable business plan. Simplifying things, there are two basic choices:

1. Not for Profit Model
This traditional approach would require me to register HeroWork as an official non-profit, create a board of directors, and promptly start raising money through donations, grant application, and various corporate sponsorships.

2. Social Enterprise Model
This is a simpler model that doesn’t require a board of directors, but still has community at its heart.  With this model I would organize (or be the creative director) of “extreme community events” for non-profits and socially responsible companies. I could also do marketing/video production for past and future sponsors, as well as pursue any television contracts…all the while using the HeroWork methodology and branding.

At the moment I’m leaning towards the Social Enterprise Model, but still have more things to research before making a final decision. I’m impatient regarding this–I  want to get moving!–but I also need to hit the bullseye!

Two Out of Ten Royal Road University BCom Groups

On a related note, last week the Royal Roads Business-Commerce students, finished their projects on HeroWork.  In total ten groups had a kick at the can. Most focused on HeroWork as a non-profit. Some looked at a franchise model. A few looked at a fee-for-service model. One even looked at a membership model. Though none of them hit it out of the park, their work illuminated many ideas and got the gears moving. I am grateful to them for their work and creativity.

I’m also grateful to Neville Grigg of Agenda Office Interiors, who has worked diligently with me to illuminate the way forward.  His strategic and practical advice has been invaluable on multiple fronts.  In fact, without Neville I would be far behind where I am now.

Stay tuned for more on this soon.

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