My Award is Your Award

Over the last few months I’ve received multiple awards.  Just yesterday I found an article in the Vic News in which I was featured with Gordie Dodd and Betty Kennedy as we each received a prestigious Paul Harris Award.

The plaque given to me by the "extreme team."

This plaque brought tears to my eyes when it was given to me by the “extreme team”

However, out of all the accolades I’ve received none have meant more than the one given to me from the “extreme team” the week after the makeover.  This is the one from new and old friends, the one from the amazing people who helped put the whole thing together, from the people who deserve these awards as much as me.  Each of them had vision, belief, hutzpah, and loving heart.

Now that I am on the cusp of embarking on the next phase of HeroWork (info coming soon), I want to look back and say thank you, thank you, thank to each of you who made the Mustard Seed radical renovation a reality. My award is really your award.

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