The Secret is Out–HeroWork is working with the Victoria Humane Society

For three weeks now I’ve been working with Penny Stone, founder of the Victoria Humane Society, helping her to get this new charity up and running.

Kent McFadyen introduced her to me.

Immediately I could tell Penny is a woman with heart, vision, and passion.  She deeply cares about animals and can’t help but save as many animals as she possibly can.  Even without a current location Penny has over three dozen dogs and puppies under her wing!  That’s dedication.  That’s hutzpah.

The challenge was that she didn’t have the strategies and planning capabilities to get the organization up and running towards, which is why she came to me.  Since then I’ve been helping her implement many of the HeroWork strategies.  We’ve defined the core of the society, got the branding started, designed the upcoming website, and detailed about six months of marketing and action steps.

Last night I met much of her team for the first time.  Talk about inspired!  They are a group of people raring to go.  By the end of the night they were enthused into action.  By today the Victoria Humane Society Facebook Page was up and running.  Within 23 hours they’ve got 648 Likes.  Wait.  Let me check again…  Now it’s 679 Likes–31 more in the time it’s taken me to write these paragraphs.  Amazing.

I’m privileged to be consulting with these people.  Together the VHS is going places.  Together a whole lot of animals will be saved.  Together we’ll build more community!

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