Open for More Keynotes

Lately, I’ve been loving connecting with youth and performing keynotes for professionals, which is why I’m starting to pursue more public speaking gigs.

Several groups of students from UVic asked to interview me about leadership.  I was a bit nervous, but we had a blast.  I never knew talking to youth could be so much fun!  Each time I could feel the energy and inspiration in the room rising.


UVic Students: Ashley, Gill, Aragorn, Tom and Erik

I’ve also been blessed to be asked to give keynotes for YoUnlimited, the Westshore Business Network, and the Project Management Institute (Vancouver Island Chapter).  In each I was able to deliver great value.  And in each I learned a great deal.  In fact, I’m getting pretty darn good.  For my last performance I got the highest rating by over 95% of respondents for both content and delivery.

In February I’ll be giving another keynote to AVRBC, which is an umbrella organization for Volunteer Managers from across the province.  Totally looking forward to that one!

So…if you or someone you know is looking for an inspired and passionate keynote speaker on topics ranging from motivation to community building, from team dynamics to extreme makeovers feel free to send them my way.

Questions?  Comments?  Leave them below.

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