Wahoo! Completing the Long Path of Preparation

After many months of work Phase 4—HeroWork’s regional expansion—is almost ready to be made public. 

This will be the ramp up phase in preparation for a national program that will see radical renovation events in towns and cities across the country, igniting a community revitalization movement in the hearts of Canadians.  

Big vision, I know.  But this vision has been the driving force through HeroWork’s evolution.  Phase 1—that first extreme makeover—planted the seed.  Phase 2 was designed as a test: a 4-day $100K reno of an emergency shelter.  Phase 3 was the “proof of concept,” a 9-day $500,000 makeover of the Mustard Seed Food Bank and Street Church.

Already HeroWork has attracted well over one hundred sponsoring companies and hundreds more volunteers, while being showcased as a 1-hour TV special.  This success testifies to a real thirst for these fast-paced, leadership-driven renovation events that celebrate communities, companies, and people.


But the question was: can they be duplicated? 

If so, what would the program look like?  How would it be financed?  How would it operate?  How could these events become independent.

To figure this out I worked with several business advisors and a business coach throughout the fourth quarter of 2013.  As well, a dozen Royal Roads University B-com groups did projects on HeroWork.  I researched and brainstormed and experimented.  But still I couldn’t find a model that worked.

Ultimately I began to loose hope.

Then in the new year, though a series of coincidences, I found a new business advisor—a high altitude thinker with experience in the social sector.  He helped me envision another path.  With weekly sessions he guided me forward as we explored new territory and pieced together a workable model.

It’s taken 4 months to develop this model.  But I’m on the last stretch now.  In early June I’ll  make public all the details about Phase 4.

Now that the journey through the hinterland of preparation is almost complete, I’ll be moving out into the public eye once again, which means more inspirational news and events.  Which also means I’ll be building a team of savvy community and business leaders who want to see radical renovation events in towns and cities across the country.

Stay tuned!

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