Bosa Properties Foundation Gives Grant to HeroWork

We’re off and running on a new project!  (More about that soon.) First I’ve got to tell you about how Bosa Properties is responsible.

A couple of weeks ago the Bosa Properties Foundation called me and said, “We heard about the good work you’re doing and we want to help with your next project.”

As fate would have it, the Threshold Housing Society had just contacted me, wanting HeroWork’s help.  They told me about a 4-plex that had been gifted to them by an 90 year-old lady (who wishes to remain anonymous). The 4-plex is earmarked to house youth at risk of homelessness.  But to make it safe and sustainable a substantial renovation is needed.

“If you help me,” I told the Bosa Foundation, “I’ll help the Threshold Housing Society.”

Long story short…they said yes!!

A big yes to the tune of $24K!

This is HUGE. It enables me to accelerate all of HeroWork’s plans and take on this Radical Renovation.  What a gift!

Please join me in heaping copious amounts of gratitude on to Bosa Properties!

The Bosa Development Team


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