First Things First – Asbestos Testing

The first thing that needs to be done before we do anything else is to test the Threshold 4-plex for asbestos. This is crucial for safety, and for permit applications, especially since the building was built in the 50’s when they often put fire-proof asbestos wallpaper in baby’s rooms. (Ouch!)

For the Mustard Seed Radical Reno I called North West Environmental Group who stepped up to the plate and sent a tech to test the floors for asbestos . They were so awesome then that I called Julie Montcrieff again.  (Julie is the one pictured on the left.)  In her reply email she wrote, “Of course we would be happy to help out again :)”

Kasey Rogers taking a sample

Kasey Rogers taking a sample

That’s a hero in my books.

She was at the site within a few days with her assistant  Kasey Rogers (the one pictured on the right). Thanks Julie and North West Environmental for making our community stronger by helping us help youth at risk!

I don’t yet have the report; it’s due soon. I’m anxious to get it because it could radically alter what we can and can’t do for the project.

On a side note, the world can be a small place. Julie and I got to talking during the inspection and it turns out that we graduated from the same high school (Earl of March in Ontario) on the same year. I thought I recognized her! She’s now my first official high school contact in over 20 years. Pretty cool, because she’s pretty darn cool 🙂

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