Radical Reno for Youth at Risk of Homelessness

2014-06-23_19-50-52The Threshold Housing Society has been housing youth at risk of becoming homeless (aged 16-24) since 1992. In June of this year they were gifted a 4-plex house on Davie Street to be devoted to housing youth. The building is in a prime location because of its centrality to transit and will house up to 8 vulnerable youth.  However, to bring it up to code and make it safe for youth, the building needs a substantial renovation.

Desperate for this renovation the Executive Director of Threshold contacted me to see if I could help.

At first I didn’t think it was possible–I wasn’t looking for a project this year–I didn’t have the time or the resources. But when the Bosa Development Foundation also contacted me, asking if they could help with HeroWork’s next project, it was as if the stars aligned.

Being a man of service to the core, I jumped at the chance to do another project. Then I talked to some of the HeroWork Extreme Team and they were game, too.

It wasn’t expected.  It wasn’t looked for. But it’s here…another Radical Renovation!

The timelines are tight, though.  From scratch to completion in 15 weeks is a HUGE feat of effort, inspiration, and action.  But I believe that the community will rally behind the project.

Stay tuned for constant updates!

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