Four Units. Four Designers. Meet One.

With four units I figure the best way to make them beautiful and welcoming is to inspired four designers to get involved. Each will be tasked with outfitting an apartment suitable for youth.  It should be loads of fun!

I want to introduce you to the first of four: Amy McGeachy.

You might recognize here from CHEK TV’s Design District–she’s a local celebrity, you know.  And she’s a lady with a heart of gold. (Remind you of any other designer we know? Can anyone say Denise Hamalainen?)

Amy also volunteered for HeroWork’s second Radical Community Reno for the Casa Maria Emergency Housing Society where she carted furniture and helped other designers complete their projects. We’ve been friends for a while now, and I’m pumped she’s able to take part in this worthy project.

Kudos to Amy!

PS If you know of other amazing and talented designers who are community oriented, tell them to drop me a line.


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