Five Heroes – To Know Them is to Love Them

Yesterday was a big day.

Five contractors were at the site: from left to right Vance Smith (Core Drafting Services), Kent McFadyen (DIRTT), Lew Williams (Houle Electric), Dave Meade (Klad Custom Building), and Dave Spiers (Dave Spiers Plumbing & Heating).

On the agenda? Scope.

2014-06-24_22-03-35 What can we do and what can’t we do? What are the big issues to achieve safety and sustainability? What are the specific electrical issues? What are the plumbing issues, the perimeter drainage issues, and the construction issues? These are just a few of the things that were looked at and discussed tonight.

Dave Meade looked at the roof, the rotten porches and fire escape.  Vance checked out the fire separation between the unites as well as the structural issues with the car port.  Lew did a thorough inspection of the electrical systems and power requirements. Dave Spiers went through the extensive list of plumbing concerns. Kent…well, Kent was everywhere!

We’ve still got more to look at and more people to talk to. We need city inspectors to give their input before we open up any can of worms. We’ll need a structural engineer to look at a few things, too. We’ll even have to dig some holes to determine the condition of the perimeter drainage. The list goes on…

To make this happen there will be much more to come!

Please join me in giving a shout-out to these guys.

They are true community heroes. They were there at the Mustard Seed and they are here at Threshold Housing. They believe in community. They believe in people. They believe in each other, and in HeroWork. Together (with a whole lot of other people) we will make this building sustainable for the youth who need help!

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