Who Can You Trust?

When you’re looking for a contractor…

…whether that’s a plumber, a painter, a builder, or an electrician, the single most important factor is trust. Are they experienced, honest, skilled, and community-orientated?

To this end HeroWork is developing our Community Contractor Directory.

Repeatedly I’ve been asked to create this directory. It’s not been the businesses who have asked, but regular consumers, especially women who want a trusted referral source. To my mind this is an important element of our growing program. If we, as consumers, give our business to companies who are ethical, trustworthy, and who give back to the places in which we live, then our whole society becomes stronger. The ripple effect is that businesses will inevitably shift towards a multi-stakeholder model of operation, where it’s not all about the bottom line, but about multiple bottom lines: employees, environment, community, and profit. A good business does it’s best to develop a win-win with each of these stakeholders. And I for one want to support that kind of business! We’re still working out some of the details, but the launch of this directory is scheduled for late July or early August.


Erica & Kristen Littler

To manage and populate this directory, two friends have stepped up: twins, Kristen and Erica Littler. I’ve know both these beautiful young ladies for years and am confident they will oversee the directory with skill and professionalism. Thanks Kristen and Erica for become the newest members of the HeroWork team!! Together we are going to make one heck of a difference! Join me in giving kudos and thanks to this dynamic duo.





Post by Paul Latour, Week 2 of 15 for the Threshold Housing Radical Reno

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