Thousands of $$ Worth of Perimeter Drainage Issues

It’s nearing the end of week 2 of this 15 week campaign to mobilize community and complete this Radical Renovation for Threshold Housing who helps youth at risk of homelessness.

One of the BIG ISSUES is perimeter drainage. (For those who don’t know, the perimeter drain is what keeps water away from the foundation and out of the basement.) We believe that this system has been compromised and will need to be replaced, potentially all around the building. This will require big excavation equipment, tearing up concrete, plants, rocks, and soil. This means a community-orientated company needs to step up and help–big time!

Enter Chris Stanfield from Garden City Landscaping. Watch this video, meet Chris, and see just a few of the challenges we’re facing.

Oh, FYI: This will be Chris and Garden City’s third Radical Community Reno. They were HUGE for the Casa Maria Emergency Housing event. They were there for the Mustard Seed. And now they are here for the Threshold Housing Society and vulnerable youth. What does that tell you about this company and this amazing owner? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts 🙂




Post by Paul Latour, Week 2 of 15 for the Threshold Housing Radical Reno


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