Ticking Exploding Time Bomb

It’s been a huge week. And we needed a big one as week 2 of this 15 week campaign has come to an end.

With this Radical Community Renovation our biggest priority is to make the unites safe and sustainable for vulnerable youth. To do this we must repair structural issues, electrical issues, drainage issues, and plumbing issues.  These are the BIG four.

The required plumbing upgrades and repairs are huge. We need crews of plumbers to help out. Dave Spiers, who was integral to the Mustard Seed project is in the mix, but just the other day Wade Roberts of Wade Roberts Plumbing has jumped on board. I told him about the project and he’s totally inspired to get involved!

As he went through he pointed out and temporarily shut down a ticking time bomb. Watch this impromptu video to meet Wade and find out more.

FYI: This is the first time Wade has been involved with a HeroWork Radical Community Renovation. It was his first time at the site and the first time we got a chance to talk about the program. By the end of our meeting he looked me in the eye and with a warm tone in his voice, said, “Thanks so much for getting me involved, Paul.” My jaw dropped a little. He was giving me gratitude so that he could make a difference. That’s the kind of man Wade is–an inspired leader of his company, his family, and our community.

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Post by Paul Latour, Week 2 of 15 for the Threshold Housing Radical Reno

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