Nearly Done the Scope – Electrical Issues

We are very nearly done the scope for this project. This means we are almost finished the planning stages of the Radical Community Reno: how much time will be needed? What supplies will we require? What skillsets will we need? How many volunteers? What are the exact dates–we know early Oct when exactly, how many hours?

All of these things must be determined before we can really get traction. Imagine me going to a supplier and asking them for help. “What do you need?” they’ll ask. If I can’t answer this question with exact specifics I’m wasting there time. This is the same for just about every component of the event.

Luckily amazing people and companies have already stepped up to assist in this regard.

Case in point is Lew Williams, from Houle Electric (the main electrical organizer for the Mustard Seed project), and Randall Slade, from Triumph Electrical Consulting. They’ve been figuring out many of the electrical issues that need to be fixed at the Threshold Housing building so that it will safe for at risk youth. I’ve shot another impromptu video so you can see these amazing men and just a few of the many problems they’re working to solve.

Very soon I’ll be making general call outs for a lot more help. So much to get done and so little time!

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