HeroSponsors Directory Nearly Ready – Beta Version Coming Next Week

I’ve been wanting to create this directory for a while, and finally it’s coming to fruition. It’s built and ready for a “beta” test next week. After a few weeks of testing we’ll make it live.

The sponsors haven’t actually asked for this directory–consumers have. Many times people have asked, “So who are these companies?”

I believe it’s important to recognize and support these men and women who care enough to contribute to our community. These are the kinds of companies and people we need to look for.

Business is one of the most powerful forces on our planet–maybe even the most powerful. Business can change the world for good or for ill. We have a say in this by where we put our dollars. Let’s look for those businesses that operate from a multi-stakeholder model. Let’s seek out those owners who make a profit while at the same time take care of their employees, their community, and our environment.

The more we do this the more the market will shift.

I believe there is a groundswell of people who want this. HeroWork is doing its part by creating an online directory of our over 100 sponsors.

When you need a trusted contractor, when you’re deciding between one supplier and another, when you looking for a printer, a restaurant, a designer…this directory will be your go-to source.

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