Painting Scope with a Hero We Know and Love

This just doesn’t get old…another HERO! This time it’s John Demedeiros from NuEdge Painting.

If you’ve followed along with this story you’ll remember John from the Mustard Seed Rad Reno. He was the painting leader for the entire project, organizing all of the painting companies who chimed in to make that event a success.

John at the Mustard Seed Rad Reno

John at the Mustard Seed Rad Reno

Since then John has become a great friend. I’ve gotten to know just what a wonderful heart he has. He’s a community-man through and through.

A few days ago I videoed John at the Threshold site, talking about the painting scope and sequence. He’s so keen and so “on it” that he’s already arranged 6 painting companies to come on board and take care of all the painting services. I’m not even sure who all these companies are (though I know one is Aaron Banks owner of A.B. Painting–love Aaron!).

Needless to say my jaw dropped a little when John said that he had done this!

Check out John as he goes through the reno and discusses the painting component. Leave a note for John if you’re inspired 🙂

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