Downs Construction On Board

This morning I met with Dale Speers of Downs Construction. He came to the Threshold Housing Rad Reno site to look at the  asbestos removal in one of the bathrooms. It was a quick meeting. “Oh this won’t be too difficult,” he said. “We’ll remove all the flooring and the sub-floor and the tube with the surround to boot.”

Awesome! We need all that done 🙂

This is specialized work that not many people can do. We’re grateful to the owner Bill Downs who authorized everything. A community company for sure! Look for them in the coming HeroSponsors Directory.

Dale is also trying to drum up support for other areas as well. We are in desperate need of drywall installers, more plumbers, carpenters, etc..

Things are moving, but there is a long way to go! So share to anyone you know.

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