Crawl Space Encapsulation is Out of this World!

Right now the crawl space for the 4-plex is dirty, dark, unsealed, uninsulated, and full of bugs and spiders. Yuck!  In the winter it undoubtedly sits in water as it pours in from the bad drainage and sloping issues.

When Chris is done the Threshold basement will look more like this!

When Chris is done the Threshold crawl space will look more like this!

Well, Chris Schmidt, from Island Basement Systems, heard about HeroWork and was inspired to help.

He dropped by the site today and looked thoroughly at all of the issues. Then he made a plan:

  1. He’s going to schedule an energy audit of the building. This will help us to determine the exact areas where we are loosing heat and energy. This will also allow us to know exactly the difference we’ll be making in terms of energy consumption.
  2. He will turn the aforementioned crawl space into a beautiful white room that will be clean and dry. This will help control mold and rot; keep away pests and insects; it will seal away odors and increase the building’s comfort level, while allowing for additional storage.
  3. Lastly, he will seal the attic and, if we can procure insulation, he will blow in the new insulation.

The will be HUGE for the comfort and utility costs of the building!

I just met Chris for the first time today and I already know he is a heart-felt and professional hero in Victoria. Thanks Chris!!

Here’s a little about his company:

Island Basement Systems is a full-service home improvement company specializing in basement waterproofing, crawl space repairs, and spray foam insulation. Home improvement from the basement to the attic is what we love to do and what we do best. We are committed to helping local British Columbia residents improve the value, health and condition of their home.

Our goal is to provide accurate and honest prices, as well as effective long-term solutions to each and every client we serve. We do so with our exceptional customer service, innovative solutions, and professional work ethic. It doesn’t matter if water is entering your basement from a vertical wall crack or from a porous block foundation wall, our permanent solutions can help!

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