Stand for Something and Hot House Marketing

Late last week I had a meeting with Dan and Wendy Dagg from Hot House Marketing. They are personal friends of our painting leader John DeMedeiros from NuEdge Painting, who introduced us. In fact, John and his wife, Jodi, sat down with the Daggs last year and watched the Mustard Seed Radical Reno TV show together.

2014-08-12_18-32-46Of course when John told me about Hot House the first thing I did was go to their website and check out their work. There tag line and main marketing gist is “stand for something.” Here’s a quote from their main page:

“Here at Hot House Marketing, we try and use our gifts to move and motivate people in the direction of good cause. We create advertising that is compelling, persuasive and hopefully inspiring. We believe in the power of ideas. We believe in the underdog. It is ideas, not fonts, varnishes or pantone colors that truly move people. If you believe in good cause and the power of ideas, come work with us.”

Do you think I wanted to work with them? Hell yeah!

So I was excited when, after several weeks of email exchanges, I finally got to sit down with them and tell them the full HeroWork story and vision. After listening thoughtfully, they asked a bunch of intelligent questions. (I love intelligent questions.) In the end they offered to help with HeroWork.


We’re quite a bit down the road with the Threshold Rad Reno and so they will only be able to chime in in bits and pieces with this project, but I hope to harness their considerable skills and creativity to grow our program and make a difference to more and more charitable organizations that need their community infrastructure refreshed.

Thanks to Hot House and Wendy and Dan Dagg!

Watch their video. Very inspiring 🙂

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