Complete Reno Walkthrough

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Nate Jones

Nate Jones

For those who aren’t organizing this Radical Community Renovation for Threshold Housing, I thought you’d like to see all of the things we are doing.

Last week Nate Jones shot and edited an impromptu video in which I lay out all of the components I could come up with on the spot. This isn’t a fancy video. No music or lots of editing. Just me walking through the reno explaining as I go.

First, I talked about some personal tragedy that happened to me as a youth and how these tragedies have become some of my personal motivations for this project. Then I go through most of the reno.

However, I must tell you that this project is moving so fast that some of the things I said last week have changed. For example, since then Island Basement Systems has committed to encapsulate the entire crawl space. Wow! Then just yesterday I heard another company (still to be announced) will be lining all the tubs and showers. Double wow! Plus, three other companies came on board yesterday, but I haven’t had time to post about them. Triple wow!

This is an inspired project in an inspired town. But trust me when I say we are still not out of the woods. Even though we’ve made amazing progress there are still a LOT of holes. We still need carpenters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, and more. We are still missing much of the supply. So please let people know about what we are doing. We have to keep pushing all the way to the end to get this job done!

If you haven’t already, please help by donating or getting involved.

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