In our coming TV special about the Threshold Housing Society Radical Reno it’s important that we look as deeply as we can into the issues of homeless youth in Canada. What is the BIG story? What is the local story? Who are these youth and what is their background? Answering these questions is key to telling the story with respect and justice.

However, I’m concerned that I won’t have time to do this job properly. (I’ve got a couple of things on my plate 😉 So I called Danielle Pope, who used to work for Monday Magazine. She wrote a great article as we ramped up to the Mustard Seed Radical Reno. She also previously wrote a beautiful article on the Threshold Housing Society called Island of Lost Boys. When I sat down with her I was hoping that she would help me research and do interviews for our show on the subject of youth homelessness.

After pitching my idea, she told me about her passion for youth and how she had previously written about homeless youth. “You’ve picked a topic and a society that’s dear to my heart,” she said. “I’d like to help.”

So please give a warm bow of gratitude to this beautiful lady who with her passion and insight strengthens our community!

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