Six New Beds for Youth

2014-08-19_21-29-24The one thing that Threshold Housing asked me to get brand new…was beds. Out of all the things that we’re doing that was their one “special request.”

Well, I’m happy to report that thanks to the gumption and hard work of one of our designers, Nicole Scott, we’ve got ’em. Fantastic.

First she talked to Darryl Adrian owner of Murphy Wall Beds of Canada. From what Nicole says Darryl immediately stepped forward and offered a new double bed, box spring, and frame: an awesome donation from a locally owned company that’s  been in business for 20 years. Thanks so much!

Then just yesterday Nicole told us some more great news. Sleep Country came through with the rest of the beds–5 of them! Roxanne Grant, from Sleep Country, emailed me today and wrote, “What a wonderful thing you have started!!!! As I had written to Nicole in an earlier email, Sleep Country would be honoured to donate 5 full bed sets to the reno project.” How amazing is that! (And yes there were in fact 5 exclamation marks in Roxanne’s email 🙂

I may be the face of HeroWork but behind me there are dozens and dozens of people along with dozens and dozens of companies (like Murphy Wall Beds and Sleep Country) without whom very little would get done. So I make a bow of gratitude to each and every one. Thank you!



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