Homage to the Extreme Team

I’ve got to say it. I’ve got to say it LOUD. I want to go to the highest roof top and shout, “I love my HeroWork team!”

I am so grateful to all of them. They work so hard and so selflessly. They give and they laugh and they band together. They support. They keep the vision alive. And when someone gets a bit down they pick them up.

Without them I am alone. Without each other we are all alone.

I’ve been wanting to make a beautiful web page with a picture of each of them, but time is short so I’ll just name them for now.

Here is the current (growing) EXTREME TEAM!

April Reidie, Darlene Potentier, Valerie Sharp, Laurie MacKenzie, Lesli Ellis, Darby Houliston, Zoi Hahn, Allyson Hatherill, Erica Littler, Kristen Littler, Ann White, Chris Stansfield, Kerry Steinemann, Kent McFadyen, Peter Smithers, Lew Williams, Wade Roberts, Vance Smith, Dave Meade, John DeMedeiros, Amy McGeachy, Denise Hamalainen, Emily Stuart, Nicole Scott,Veronique da Silva, Adrianna Durian, Anne So, Ann White, David Malysheff, Michael Tension, Audrey Mairi, Madeleine Duncan…and growing.

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