Ditches and Small Victories

I take my victories where I can. Sometime they are big and sometimes they are small. But every single one of them count. They all add up and can build into something miraculous.

This Saturday morning did not go the way I expected.

Upon waking I got an emergency text from Colin Gill, owner of District Plumbing. He was at the site all by himself trying to complete the solid pipe element of the perimeter drain, but there was a lot more digging needed than he expected. He needed help. He had to leave at noon to pick up his young boy. Yet the job needed to be completed because on Monday the inspectors come. If the drain doesn’t pass inspection I have to cancel the backfill of drain-rock scheduled for Tues. This would push back the crawlspace encapsulation due to start on Wed and finish on Thurs…all in preparation for the start of the Radical Reno!

2' 6" deep

2′ 6″ deep. Not much to some but a lot of work for me.

Knowing all that, without a shower or breakfast I got in my car and drove to the build. I grabbed a shovel and started digging ditches. The first few hours went well until I had to dig to find the main water line. At two feet deep I was getting tired. The ditch was nothing but rocks interspersed with bits of soil. I couldn’t finish it by noon.

So I took a break, ate some lunch, and did a bunch of the other tasks (non manual tasks). Later in the afternoon I started digging again. I was starting to loose hope that I would ever find it. But as Colin reminded me that morning, “Less thinking and more action.”

Finally I found it with a shout of glee. Yes!! (Pat of the back.)

I know it’s no big thing. Lots of people could have done it in half the time. But for me it’s a bit like putting on this HUGE event. You’ve got to practice faith and hope and stay in action. Then, at some point, you find what you’re looking for.


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