All Wrapped Up!

I’m pumped and gratified that the Threshold Housing project for youth is now completely buttoned up. The staff have been in for over a week and soon I should be able to post pics of the youth living there. Job well done!

After all the fanfare died down there was still a ton of work to be done. We had to clear the site out of all the sponsor and renovation supplies (that took a week). We had to go through the entire building with a fine-tooth comb and develop a deficiency list. Then we brought in a troupe of supports to finish up those details (which include such small things as felt pads under chairs and tables). After that we called for plumbing, electrical, and building inspections. At last the books were completed. Phew!

It wasn’t until this week that we were able to finally hand over our keys and official occupancy permit!

Kudos to the entire team, the sponsors, and all the volunteers who made this Radical Reno a success. This building is now totally amazing on all levels and, most importantly, will house youth for another 20 years plus.

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