Seven Possible Projects, One to be Chosen

Kent McFadyen, Director of Renovation

Kent McFadyen, Director of Renovation

Project Adjudication

Last week was exciting because Kent McFadyen and I investigated seven possible Radical Renovations. It was amazing to see so many great people and worthy causes. The sad part is we can’t do them all.

In 2015 we will look to complete two mid sized Radical Community Renovations in the greater Victoria area. The first one has been tentatively scheduled for end of May/beginning of June, and the second for the end of Sept/beginning of Oct.

We are looking to take on two events to test the systems and templates we are developing. We believe that by honing our program we will be able to complete renos with less time and effort, and prepare the HeroWork model to be transplanted into other towns and cities.

However, choosing a project out of seven possibles is tricky business, especially since they all do great work.

The seven charities are:


Tricky Business

It took two full days but we personally visited every location. We looked at the proposed renovation and sat down with the leadership of each organization. During these sessions we endeavoured to answer a long list of questions. A few of the main ones were:

  • What impact will a renovation have on the community, the charity, and their clients?
  • Is the size and the scope of the renovation appropriate to HeroWork?
  • Is the charity financially stable and able to provide seed capital?
  • Is the charity cooperative and do they have community buy-in?
  • Does the charity have a compelling story?

Afterwards I wrote lots of notes, and in some cases shot video and took pictures, which led to reports on each possible project. Now it’s up to the HeroWork board of Directors to vote on the next Radical Community Renovation.

Stay tuned. A decision will be coming soon.

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