HeroWork Leaders


It’s been just over two weeks since we announced the project for the CCC and I’ve got to tell you my mind is whirling with all the things that happened—it’s hard to keep track.

These past two weeks have been about getting the whole project up and moving. To do that the highest priority has been to build teams of leaders. Without leaders who are willing to step up we wouldn’t get very far.

We’ve been privileged to bring on board a team of eight design leaders. Our construction leader is ready to go, as is the painting leader. Our electrical and lighting leads have already started working. Our drafting lead will have created new “as built” drawings by early next week. We have plumbers developing scope and take-offs. We’ve got flooring experts, heating experts, duct-work experts…the list is extensive.

As with HeroWork’s past two Radical Renovations, Kent McFadyen has been leading the charge on the construction front.

Then there is the Onsite component of the event—everything outside of the renovation. The Onsite is being led by Darlene Potentier and Val Sharp. They in turn are building a team of leaders for such elements as: food service, photography, traffic, site maintenance and safety, entertainment, volunteer check in, tool and supply coordination…the list goes on.

On top of that there are the support teams. There is the Social Media Team, lead by Adrian Seeley, and the video team, led by David Malysheff. There are our project management advisors led by Peter Smither and our technical advisor Heidi Leckenby.

Of course we can’t forget about the HeroWork board and committees led by Annette Wall, our chair. This team of dedicated and talented leaders are the core of the organization!

Without all of our leaders HeroWork wouldn’t exist. They are the ones that power up the program. They are the ones I bow down to in gratitude and awe.

As a side benefit every one of these leaders are…well, really cool people. They are kind and caring; they are smart and insightful; they are funny and talented. And I get to hang out with them!  How amazing is that?

Without a doubt I’m blessed with the best job in the world!

Please join me in thanking all of these leaders. Together we are going to inspire this town and transform the Citizens’ Counselling Centre and the BC Schizophrenia Society.

Live courageously, love openly, and make a difference wherever you can,

Paul Latour


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