Threshold Housing TV Video Series!


Brand New!

As part of HeroWork’s ramp up to the Citizens’ Counselling Centre’s Radical Renovation, we are releasing the second installment of our 2015 Rad Reno Video Series. We are excited to make available the magic that was the Threshold Housing project for youth at risk of homelessness. Watch the total renovation of a four-plex in only 3 weekends. Be amazed with this 4 part original TV broadcast. And please share so that others may be inspired by the power of community!

Coming on Friday May 22 at 5pm will be the first installment of the Citizens’ Counselling Centre’s 4 part video series. It’s going to be awesome!

FYI the volunteer portal for this project opens this weekend for those who have signed up on the preliminary list and on Monday for the rest of the public. Looking forward to seeing all you amazing people again soon!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

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