One Thousand Percent Better!


“One thousand percent better,”

is what Brenda Wilson, Executive Director of the Citizens’ Counselling Centre said about HeroWork’s latest Radical Reno.

It’s truly amazing the power that a space can have on people. After all, our environment helps influence who we are, as well as who we are to become. And like a rainy day can sap the energy out of a person, the inside of a building can have that same gloomy effect.

In a letter from Shannon Arnold, a volunteer counsellor at the Citizens Counselling Centre, she remarked “Before the renovation, I felt I often had to apologize for the space that we were in, for the lights that didn’t work, for the old, ugly furniture, for the darkness of the room, lack of inspiring decor etc. I would bring my own little things in to try and create a more positive energy in the rooms. I would carry from home, flowers in vases, seashells, colorful scarves to drape over the tables etc. Thanks to HeroWork, now I can just walk into the building with nothing in hand and have gorgeous, uplifting, professional rooms to walk into and work in.”

One client of the Citizens’ Counselling Centre also commented, “The place feels so much bigger, brighter and the energy is so good now. The blue color in this room is so comforting and uplifting. I feel really good in this environment now. It was so dark and depressing before. What a lot of work they did!”

When HeroWork first set out, it was clear there was (and still is) a dire need from charitable organizations to be able to provide a space for people who need a place where they can go and feel they belong.


“I feel like I matter”

Following HeroWork’s efforts on the BC Schizophrenia Society of Victoria (BCSS Victoria), Hazel Meredith, Executive Director had this to say in a letter, “One of the biggest things people need when they come to BCSS Victoria is to seek a sense of hope to keep going on in their journey. The space offers a boost to the spirit of all those who attend and work in the space. We could not be more thrilled to offer some light in their journey….and HEROWORK MADE THIS JOURNEY LIGHTER for all those who are seeking HOPE and help through our service.” 

Not only has HeroWork shaped new spaces where those facing adversity can feel they belong, but we’ve also brought the generosity and kindness of the surrounding community to show warmth and acceptance towards at-risk individuals. They can now feel like they comfortably belong within the walls of a given charitable organization, as well as in the community at large as an important and valued individual.


“I feel like I matter” and “The community did this for us? It makes me feel cared about.” are just some of the client sentiments that have been expressed at BCSS Victoria. Helping others realize purpose and validation in themselves gives us at HeroWork a wonderful feeling that goes beyond words.

This feedback not only tugs at our heartstrings, but shows the value and purpose to what we at HeroWork want to accomplish in Victoria and abroad. We can’t wait to change the face of the next charity, and indeed the faces of those for whom that charity means so much.

Click through to see the full thank you letters sent from the Citizens’ Counselling Centre and the British Columbia Schizophrenia Society of Victoria.

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