Complete: Mustard Seed Office Refresh

Last week it felt like old times pulling on my HeroWork t-shirt and walking into the Mustard Seed to refresh a couple of their office space. Some of the staff were different, but the heart was still the same–warm and welcoming.

Years after the Mustard Seed’s Radical Renovation the building is still in great shape. The outside paint and signs look great; the reception area is pristine; the chapel is beautiful; the storage areas work as designed; event the reupholstered chairs (with Kryptonite material!) are in excellent condition.

Even better were the HeroWork volunteers who came to help.  It was great to see each of them again: Madeliene Duncan, Leslie and Miles Davies, Jean-Luc Francois, Cheryl Rowley, Thejasvi Ravu, and Andrew Ludington. Thank you!

This mini event, which was to refresh office spaces we couldn’t get to last time, went faster than expected. By 11am we had moved all of the old office furniture out, vacuumed, and moved in all the refreshed office furniture and by noon it was assembled. Peter Smither stayed several more hours to string the internet, phone, and power cables. By 3pm we were out!

I think that I can speak for everyone involved that we’re grateful to Neville Grigg, Victoria entrepreneur, who supplied the furniture and some of his crew. We are also just grateful for the opportunity to give a leg up to some of the Mustard Seed staff. As you can tell by the pics their office spaces weren’t in good shape. Now they have appropriate and effective workspaces from which to serve their clients and make an even bigger difference in our community. That’s what it’s all about!


“Herowork once again has blessed The Mustard Seed Street Church with another refurbishment project enhancing some of the shared office spaces utilized by staff and volunteers.  Our staff and volunteers pour themselves out in service to others.  They do this with limited resources and often sub-standard workspaces.  It has been honouring to so many having received a dignifying workspace to carry out their work with greater ease and comfort.  What a great way to start national volunteer week!”

Alan Lingwood, Interim E.D.

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