Camp Pringle’s Result—Much More than a Renewed Dock


The best of humanity was on display at Camp Pringle this past weekend. It was a sight to behold.

Volunteers came from the Vancouver Island Construction Association Under 40 group (VICA U40), and HeroWork. Dock experts were provided by the Oak Bay Marine Group. All arrived with their families on Friday night with a single goal: to renew the 25-year-old, 4,600 square foot dock so that kids can play safe for many years to come.

By 4pm Sunday the job was done. It’s been valued at over $100,000.

The renewed dock was a stunning achievement and is now beautiful. But thinking back, what I really remember is the people.

I saw an amazing work ethic and mounds of determination. I saw new friendships and connection. I saw families around the campfire, laughing and roasting marshmallows. I saw high fives, hugs, and smiles. I saw people sharing meals and kids playing, everyone having a piece of the camp experience.

I saw seamless cooperation, volunteers self-organizing and getting stuff done. I saw people looking out for each other, ensuring all wore glasses and closed-toed shoes.


On Sunday morning we realized our time calculations were off. The dock was in worse shape than our investigations indicated. It would take an extra ½ day’s work. Did people complain or argue? No. They rallied. They were kind and supportive and got to work. Those who had to leave because of prior commitments actually apologized for having to go—they wanted to stay that much!

They had a pride in workmanship, wanting to finish the job and see it to the end.

At one point near the end a young boy came up to his dad and gave him big a hug. I looked at the boy. “Your dad is amazing,” I said. “He’s made a huge difference.”

At first the boy looked away shyly. But then he gazed up at his father with adoring eyes.

It’s kids like this that will be come to the lake and play on the dock, running around, having fun. They will probably not even be aware of what we did. But that doesn’t matter. They’ll be doing what they should be doing: enjoying camp and being safe.

It wouldn’t have been done without the pros from VICA U40, the experts from the OBMG, and our amazing HeroWork volunteers. Each of you are amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.


If you want to see any of the over 100 images (taken by the renowned photographer Tom Gore) you can find them on Facebook or download them on DropBox.

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