Calling All Contractors!

Open letter to contractors–we need your help at the Rainbow Kitchen Radical Renovation (Sept 16-Oct 2)!


I’ve had the good fortune of making a difference alongside many contractors and builders in greater Victoria. They are inspiring people. Many had wanted to give back to community in the past, but were restricted by lack of time and energy.


Then they found the HeroWork Society.

It’s our job to leverage a contractor’s time, enabling you to use your skills to get concrete and startling change in a very short period of time—and, having an amazingly cool time to boot!

To all contractors (and especially carpenters) I hope you’ll be inspired, like many of your colleagues, to make a significant difference to the health of crucial charities. It will only take as little as a single day’s effort.

Right now we are looking for contractors who want to help with our fall project. It’s for the Rainbow Kitchen, a place that serves 36,000 meals a year to the poor and disenfranchised. The building is desperate need of a renovation so that they (and other organizations) can operate in a safe and sustainable way.

2016-07-12_17-56-16If you don’t know us, HeroWork renews community infrastructure through large weekend events called “Radical Renovations.” During these events we transform worthy non-profit buildings. We mobilize suppliers and project managers, architects and engineers; we bring together the trades in a spirit of cooperation and camaraderie. Everyone puts in a day, maybe two. Together these combined and coordinated efforts have a startling and transformative effect.

HeroWork does the legwork and prepares everything. You arrive and start applying your skills. During lunch and dinner, we all stop work and break bread together, catered by restaurants and hotels. There are photographers and videographers roaming the site. There is the “March onto the Site” opening ceremonies. There is even a “Big Reveal” that has a live video stream onto big monitors.

Already HeroWork has completed five important projects valued at over $1.25 million. 

  • Casa Maria Emergency Housing Society (refugee housing) – $100,000
  • Mustard Seed Food Bank – $500,000
  • Citizen’s Counselling Centre / Schizophrenia Society of Victoria – $200,000
  • Threshold Housing (youth at risk of homelessness) – $350,000
  • Camp Pringle (kid’s camp dock rebuild) – $100,000

Interested in making a HUGE difference with little time and effort?

If yes, give me a call and let’s have a brief conversation. Or send me an email. I’d love to give you a personal tour of the Rainbow Kitchen—I promise, you’ll be amazed.

Together, with the help of the wider community, we will renew important non-profit buildings and create legacies of change and capacity.

In service,

Paul Latour

Creator & ED of HeroWork

(250) 590-4221

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