Rainbow Kitchen Project Update


Holy smokes we’ve been working hard! And now we are on the home stretch towards HeroWork’s biggest project yet: The Radical Renovation of the Rainbow Kitchen in the community wing of the Esquimalt United Church.

Through the winter and spring we consulted all stakeholders and came up with a comprehensive plan. We developed manuals and upgraded our backend systems. We brought on key team members and developed strategic relationships in the community

We now have close to 60 volunteer coordinators—the Extreme Team—who organize various parts of the event, from plumbing to bathrooms, from the closing ceremonies to volunteer food services, and everything in between. This is the dedicated heroes who are working together to ensure everything is ready to go. There are three parts to the Extreme Team: Renovation, Event Management, and Public Relations.


Just part of our non-renovation team after a group session.

Companies are rallying to the cause with more coming in nearly every other day. It’s inspiring to see these community-orientated companies stepping up to contribute. There are funders, suppliers, builders, landscapers, restaurants, printers, and many, many more. Even the military will be chiming in! See the project sponsorship recognition page here. (Be sure to check back as it updates weekly.)

The general volunteer portal is due to open up at the beginning of August. Mark it on your calendar! Sign up early as a volunteer and you will get the first crack at all the shifts. Go here to fill out our volunteer form.

HeroWork wouldn’t exist without you, our extended family. Thank you for your belief and support. Together our dream is to act with common purpose and vision (combined with good plan) to affect huge positive change on many levels. I hope to affect this change, shoulder to shoulder, with you.

Paul Latour,

Creator and ED of HeroWork.

Event dates: Sept 16-18, Sept 24-25, & Oct 1-2

Volunteer portal: opens early August

Opening Ceremony (march, demo, and block party): Friday Sept 16, at 5pm.

Big Reveal: Sunday Oct 2nd at 4pm.

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