Transforming Charities for Virtually Nothing with Micro-Giving

Last week, I visited the Y’s Young Moms Program and had the pleasure of meeting with two young moms, their toddlers and program staff. In listening to their stories, I was moved.  

I was moved because old cycles can be broken.  

I was moved because these children are now in a safe place.  

I was moved because the waitlist is too long.  

“…having safe and secure housing,” said one of the moms, “I’m able to focus on myself and my daughter. I’m learning coping mechanisms for anxiety, how to have difficult conversations, and that my worth is not based on other people’s opinions.”  

I was moved enough to want to do more. So, I signed-up for the ‘Round Up to Give with Mylo app.’ My purchases are now rounded-up and the spare change is donated to HeroWork. I am now doing everything I can to help young moms this year and it feels great! 

As we enter phase two of the #TransformingCharties 40K matching funds campaign, June is the month to share what I have learned about micro-giving with YOU. Below are three simple and virtually free ways that you can support HeroWork financially, without really noticing it.  

If you decide to join in with me, all together as a team we could make a huge significant impact. I hope you will consider signing up for any of the following opportunities and helping HeroWork continue doing great work! 

  1. Feel good knowing you’re making a difference every month – Micro Monthly Gift 
  1. Round up every purchase you make to donate the spare change – Round-Up with Mylo 
  1. Buy what you need to fund what you love, cash back for your charity – FlipGive  

Please reach out to me with any questions. Staying inspired,

Marlena ~


PS: Like more details? Here you go:

Schedule a Monthly Gift for HeroWork – through CanadaHelps! 

  • Pick an affordable amount ($5 or $10 or whatever) each month and automatically donate to HeroWork. 
  • Receive one tax receipt at the end of the year for all donations through CanadaHelps! 

Round-Up to Give with Mylo – Mylo App 

  • Use your debit and credit cards to make purchases as you normally would. The Mylo app rounds up each purchase you make to the nearest dollar and, each month, donates the total to your chosen charity, HeroWork.
  • Access your charitable tax receipts anytime right in your Mylo app. 

Buy what you need to fund what you love – FlipGive

  • Go to the and search under “Find A Team” for HeroWork. Enter this CODE: 5C76DY
  • Brands on FlipGive pay a commission whenever you shop via the app or website, the commission is shared with HeroWork at no extra cost to you. 
  • Add Max to your browser and every time you visit participating sites where you can earn cash, he’ll let you know. (Does not work on Safari)

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