Stronger Today & Tomorrow

The COVID-19 pandemic has people losing their sense of normal. Breadwinners are losing their jobs and families are looking to front-line charities like our food banks and social services to make sure they can stay healthy, safe and fed.

“By transforming charity buildings, we can strengthen communities for today and into the future.” 

Paul Latour, HeroWork Founder & CEO

HeroWork has strengthened many of the front-line charities who are now more resilient in this time of crisis. Examples include the Mustard Seed, the Rainbow kitchen, the Food Security Distribution Centre, Our Place’s Therapeutic Recovery Community, and more. Of course, right now we are transforming at-risk single mom housing. Looking ahead, we will be renovating the Salvation Army and Cool-Aid’s Downtown Community Centre. 

Now more than ever, strong charities are crucial to emergency responsiveness.  Front line charities need innovative solutions and good buildings to operate. That’s where HeroWork excels. 

The Necessity

Because of COVID, HeroWork is facing a decreased revenue of over $100,000 in 2020.  

This is why the #TransformingCharities campaign was conceived  in May. Our goal is to raise $40K by November, that will be matched by a private  foundation. To date we have raised $25,252—over halfway to the goal! 

With this amazing opportunity to make twice the impact, we started the campaign and will be sharing new and different ways to participate through to the Fall.  

We’ve even found some incredible ways you can give without withdrawing additional funds from your bank account! See our June blog post on micro-giving to learn more about how you can give without noticing.  

Up Next

Coming soon, we will be a part of the Thrifty’s Smile Card Fundraising Program, where they donate an amount equal to 5% of the dollars you load on to your pre-assigned Smile Card. It costs you nothing extra and will support important HeroWork projects. 

This September, in support of our at-risk single moms’ project, HeroWork Project Lead & Trade Manager, Trevor Botkin will be the first staff member to host a ‘Rebuilding Community Fundraiser’. Stay tuned for more info about the 2020 HeroWork Ride to the Summit – BMX Challenge 

We hope you will consider making a donation today. Your investment will not only strengthen HeroWork but also other important charities in Victoria.  

Please follow us on social media to watch our progress, get updates on unique ways to give and help spread the word with us.  

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